Boston Roundtable Topics

1. How can we make AI work for us? A reality check

Understanding the capabilities and limitations of AI so we have realistic expectations of what it can do for us in healthcare. Looking at existing research and current applications of AI, we give ourselves a reality check of AI not
being the panacea nor the apocalypse of everything as we know it today.

2. Designing partnerships in digital health

Through your own experience building partnerships in digital health, what are the learnings you can share with others?
How should one think about approaching a potential partnership - what are the key ingredients in a suitable and good partner, how does one determine success parameters together, what are the challenges of partnering in healthcare?

3. Patient as Payer: Technologies enabling consumerization of healthcare.

Health Affairs found that prescription drug prices between 2008-16 rose fastest for existing medicines. This is a key driver of health consumerism and peoples' search for digital health / other non pharmacological solutions.
Being successful in the new consumerized marketplace will require a fundamental shift in our approach to the patient experience. It means providing value, not just care. It will require embracing the values of customer
service, convenience and transparency.

4. Valuations in digital health - logical or inflated?

Valuations in digital health have reached great heights over the last decade. More recently, we have seen valuations crossing a billion for Flatiron, Heartflow, to cite a few examples. Are these valuations justifiable and reasonable?
What do you seek in a company that may make it worth this type of money? Will they deliver on the promise or is it all just smoke and mirrors?

Each session restricted to 5 individuals allocated on first come first serve basis

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